“When I was five I thought I could write piano music for movies. I used to have recitals in my living room, but my mom just wanted to finish washing the dishes and my dad was happily clipping coupons.”

Xenia (pronounced senya) in the interim has traveled much since those early recitals. Making Brooklyn her home, she still writes and sings her own ecstatic songs. They are bilingual excursions exploring the territory between Spanish children’s rhymes and standing at the bus stop.

With an expansive vocal range and colorful timbres, she delivers cheeky spanglish wordplay in a punkish tone. Her songs can sound like a drunk hamster racing through a Bustelo can and beer bottle town or a dreamy girl wandering down the rabbit hole.

With a knack for layering experimental vocal sounds, odd dancey latin rhythms, and disarmingly simple melodies, Xenia’s unknown world of martian tribes and elephant memories is at once foreign and familiar.

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