“Let’s Go Out”

Produced by JabaJabaMusic; Featuring Dance by Satoshi Haga; Directed by Armando Croda & Lindsey Cordero




“Help” Live at KEXP


“Hair Receding”

Produced by JabaJabaMusic; Directed by Francesco Lettieri; Edited by Valeria Sapienza; Color Correction by Salvatore Landi



Produced by JabaJabaMusic; Directed and Edited by Francesco Lettieri; Color Correction: Gianluca Palma


“Hair Receding” Live Video


“Cherry Tree” Live Video

Produced by JabaJabaMusic; Directed, Edited, Color Correction: Francesco Lettieri; Camera Operators: Armando Croda, Francesco Lettieri; Sound Engineering: Marco Buccelli, Brittany Anjou; Graphics: Francesco Cianculli.



Produced by JabaJabaMusic; Video by Armando Croda


“Pan y Cafe”

Produced by JabaJabaMusic, Featuring Marco Buccelli, Directed by Francesco Lettieri, Edited by Valeria Sapienza, Color Correction by Salvatore Landi


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