6 Jan

Happy New Year! It’s been a little too long since my last post, and for that I am not ashamed nor will I apologize nor will I even expect you to “check back often” because “in the new year i will post more frequently!” NOPE

I was in Italy last week and aside from eating an insane amount of mozzarella I managed to find time to play a show in Roma and a show in Napoli joined with the fabulous Giovanni Truppi. As a result of snowmageddon 2010 I found myself stranded in crown heights in a taxi for 6 hours the night I was supposed to fly out of NY and by the time I got to Rome I hadn’t slept in two days. Upon arrival, I promptly proceeded to play my ass off to a pretty great crowd who yelled at me for a “bis” (encore) and a pretty cracked out club owner who thanked me for “il momento magico!”. All in all, Rome was a total success mainly attributed to sleep deprived hallucinations and my general rarrrr-ness (as in a lion).


Roma, Conte Staccio




Marco Buccelli makes Roma get jiggy with it



At Doria in Napoli there was a super chill soundcheck with lots of prosecco and an awesome sound engineer Michele, who used to play with Marco in a Led Zeppelin cover band when they were kids. (insert joke here)


Michele, soundman extraordinaire


Doria backstage was super comfy and included pizza!!! Napoli audience was huge and unruly and full of love. Both shows were awesomeness in a can!

Meanwhile back in the states I got this great review of Elephant Songs from Club Fonograma.

And now I’m super super super late to where I’m supposed to be (nothing new there) and should get the steppin’! More news coming soon!

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